Dare Mighty Things Announces Technori CEO Scott Kitun As Conference MC

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Dare Mighty Things is excited to announce Technori CEO Scott Kitun as MC for our world class conference happening this Fall in Chicago.

Aside from speakers & venue, the MC is one of the most critical parts of a conference experience.

They set the tone throughout the day & get people excited.

Scott is a tremendous leader in the community and has a passion for bringing people together. That's why his company Technori is the world’s largest startup showcase.

To date, 300+ companies have presented at over 75 events and gone on to raise more than $260,000,000 in venture capital.

Scott is also the creator and host of Chicago's leading tech and innovation show titled, Technori Live on WGN Radio.

As a newcomer to this incredible city, I've been blown away with how helpful community leaders like Scott Kitun have been.

That's why we're excited to have him participate as our MC this year.

We asked Scott how he felt about being part of it:

"Dare Mighty Things doesn't just celebrate tech and entrepreneurship, it showcases what it takes to accomplish extraordinary things - individually and as a team. It's a huge honor to have been chosen to MC this world class tech conference in Chicago"

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